Saturday Morning Zinnia

Happy Saturday! This morning we had our first decent size harvest of Zinnia. Harvest size should continue to increase from here.

With the dahlias nearing bloom we are testing the organza bag approach to protect the petals from insects as they open.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to embrace your own life’s journey!


Gratitude for This Gift

In the early 70’s my grandparents Jackson (Pabbles) and Opal Odessa purchased a family plot of land in the hills of Appalachia. For many years the land was used to raise aunts, uncles, and cousins while producing tobacco crop. Farming in the hills ceased well over a decade ago and the fields remained barren.

I don’t have many memories of grandma Opal, though I hear she made a stellar cobbler. However, to this day I can recall following, and watching my own daughter follow, in Pabbles shadow as he strolled the farm. His strolls would last hours as he paused many times to smell, and on occasion even take a nibble of, the few flowers growing along the creek bank. He had a deep love for nature and made a positive impact on the lives of many.

Pabbles, thank you for planting the white and lavender Rose of Sharon trees that contributed to our first cut from the farm. We hope you enjoy watching over the revitalization and the flowers blooming on the gift of land you provided. #EmbraceTheJourney #Odessahillsfarm #farmrevitilization


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Gardening has always been my outlet to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced life. When it comes to lilies, daisies, dahlias and astilbe; I find great joy in embracing the beauty of these few things left to us unfiltered and in their natural state. Once blossoms are at or nearing peak, I clip the precious stems to replicate the warmth and peace of our overflowing gardens inside our home. By using fresh cut blossoms splashed with scents of russian sage or catmint our home is graced with the most beautifully fragrant arrangements. Over the years I have found that cutting fresh creates arrangements with extended vase life and high-quality aromas that are free of heavy chemical treatments which flowers may undergo in preparation of the commercial transportation process. This natural beauty and fragrance is what I wish to offer you and your loved ones direct from Odessa Hills.

To back up and tell you where this love story with florals began would be a challenge. I don’t feel there was any one significant moment in my life that shaped this passion, but many small moments that started a journey. Throughout my life I was regularly drawn to the various colors, shapes and sizes of flowers. I remember as a child admiring the blooms of large white and yellow magnolias perfectly attached to the towering trees of Southern Mississippi. I remember the deep magenta of an azalea bush my parents grew in our back yard, wild honeysuckle covering the fence, and a branchy lilac with the softest purple flowers hovering in the front. Thinking back to my childhood, I have many memories involving the admiration of florals and blossoming branches.

As adulthood came to be, the love and admiration continued. Before being settled into each home we have enjoyed in our seventeen years, gardening magazines filled the table as I mesmerized each flower, filler, and color that would soon grace our newest landscape and gardens. Within weeks of planting weather, and sometimes before given my excitement, the salvia, petunias, lilies and bee balm were planted. I then spent many weekends and late nights nurturing and adding to expand the beauty. When the time came to move on, leaving behind the flowers and greenery of each garden created was by far more emotional than leaving the home itself.

My goal is to enhance the many acres of Odessa Hills with gardens stemmed from the same passion and love of each planted and nurtured at my own homes over the years. Our flowers will be grown with the greatest care in an eco friendly fashion so that they may be sustainable and enjoyed for generations to come. I look forward to offering blossoms that will contribute to adding warmth and joy in your life as you celebrate all of life’s precious moments along your own journey.

~Embrace the Journey